Lisa W:

 Mission accomplished! Thank you, Lisa, for all of your hard work in finding the right place for my Mom.We moved her this weekend and I can’t begin to count the amount of times she has told me already that she loves her new home. Lisa, I couldn’t have done it without you! Your knowledge accompanied by your warm heart and loving personality made it a breeze all the way around. Thank you! Thank you!

Lynna Demay:

I needed help finding a suitable living situation for my father-in-law back on the east coast. He was very isolated in his apartment. He had to deal with stairs coming and going with his portable oxygen tank, so he opted to stay put way too much. His nutrition was poor and he was really failing. Lisa, in Seattle, was able to research many appropriate assisted living places from across the country. She made the process manageable for my relatives by pre-screening places that would work perfectly for my father-in-law.

Patrik Burns:

I am the primary caretaker for my eighty-five year old father. Lisa has been exceptionally helpful in helping me decide what facility to place him when that time comes. I at least won’t have to fret over this major decision. Lisa demonstrated a genuine interest and appreciation for the difficulties of my situation, as well as, possessing in depth knowledge of elder care issues and resources.

Virginia Baird:

I have been a private caregiver for 20+ years and have had many dear clients during this time. I have known Lisa personally and professionally the same amount of time. When my clients are no longer able to stay in their homes, I tell them about Lisa and how she is able to help them with the whole process; from start to finish. She has been very sensitive to each of their needs and her compassionate nature and wealth of knowledge builds a trust with each one she has met. Lisa has now helped three of my clients find positive solutions to their housing, care and budget concerns. I continue to visit and help my clients who have moved and it’s reassuring to know they are doing well in their new living situations. The families of my clients have also been very happy with the personalized attention that Lisa gave to each of their loved ones.

Jessica S.:

Lisa has been a huge help to me and to my clients who are looking to transition their housing and lifestyles. She is very knowledgeable about the challenges and benefits of aging. and how these come into play when deciding when and where to move. She is patient, thoughtful and compassionate with her clients. I whole-heartedly recommend her services!