How Business Works

We first talk with you or family members to learn as much as possible about your needs and what kind of living situation and location you desire. Then we research various communities that may be a good fit and narrow them down to about three. We arrange tours of these communities and escort you and/or family members to see for yourself. You may return to visit at anytime and will likely be invited to stay for a free meal or an activity so you can see firsthand what it would be like to live there. Many places offer a trial stay with meals included on a per day basis.

This can be a good way to try a place on for size. We can be your agent so you don’t have to field a lot of follow-up phone calls from the places you visit. We are able to ask and answer questions that will be helpful in your search and help you sort out the differences between these communities. Moving to a new community is a big decision and we understand the difficulty this process entails. The ultimate decision is yours and we offer expertise, respect of your privacy and patience. After you choose a new residence, we are able to refer you to our trusted partners in other areas of expertise.For example, there are real estate agents that are either “senior certified” or very experienced in what it will take to help you sell your home. There are “Senior Move Managers” available that are very sensitive and experienced in helping you downsize, sort, pack and sell your personal treasures. Their fees are reasonable and they really make the whole process go smoothly. If you need help with the actual moving of your belongings, there are also Moving companies we highly recommend that specialize in exactly the kind of move you’ll be experiencing. They will set up your things in your new residence exactly the way you want them and you won’t have to life a finger. Many people put off a needed move because this transition is so overwhelming, but there ware many professionals that are reasonable and trustworthy that know what you are going through. Don’t hesitate to ask for our list of preferred professionals. If an actual move is not for you, or you’re not quite ready to move but need some assistance in your home, we offer recommendations for In-Home Care services as well.

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